About The Programme

The MAS Holdings, Dialog Axiata and Hemas Holdings Summer Internship Programme provides undergraduates and fresh graduates a hands-on experience across industry-leading professional environments.

Curated with the overarching objective of retaining local talent for suitable job positions in Sri Lanka, the Summer Internship Programme brings together a diverse and talented pool of local youth who are then strategically up-skilled through holistic personal development that includes leadership training, team building and presentation skills among many others.

Our internship framework has evolved over the years into the successful 50:40:10 model that it is today, integrating structured development exercises seamlessly with social and workplace learning. The internship aims to develop your knowledge of the structure as well as the culture of a corporate environment on par with global corporations, drawing from a strong foundation of professionalism, long-standing corporate values and globally lauded ethical business practices.

Self-discovery forms the core of our internship, and we understand our role in empowering you with the right skillset, guidance and inspiration to explore and understand the qualities and dynamics you bring to each encounter during the internship, and how you seize the opportunities that come your way. It is an accelerated journey towards increasing your self-awareness, aligning with your own ideals, and discovering your true identity in the process.